Check Processing


Say Yes to Checks!®

More approvals mean more sales. 
We promise the highest percentage of approvals, so you don’t turn away customers. CrossCheck will take the extra risk and guarantee 50% fewer declines than our competition or we will pay the set-up fee for the merchant to return to their previous check guarantee company. *

The personal check remains America's favorite form of non-cash payment and continues to lead the way as the most frequently used payment device. Businesses which do not accept checks lose money. The key is to find ways to screen out the risky checks and provide this service for the majority of customers whose written word is as good as gold.
The American Bankers Association puts the dollar amount of bad checks at $850 million last year, up 43% in two years. Your share of that loss could be significant and it can be eliminated.
Why go through all these hassles in an attempt to limit your check exposure?
Increase your sales today by using CrossCheck.

*Up to $200 within 30 days from signing up and confirmation through the Welcome Aboard letter. 

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